SF Bike Sharing

How does one of SF transportation pillars hold up to increasing demand?

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Take the scenic route

Today, transportation is at your finger tips. No more waiting for your friend to carpool or at the bus stop. Technology advancements have created instant gratification to the trasportation industry. From Lyft to Uber, you can get around with even your dog at fair price. Commuting is now no longer a burden, but a thrill! So, how does one of, if not the, most progressive technological city move around? Simple, Bikes!



It’s a super cost effective way to get around and provides good exercise. Watch out for the hills though, because that will make you wish you just ordered that car. However, on a more serious note, the bike sharing system in SF is on the wish list of what many cities hope to achieve in the future as the ability to recycle transportation between consumers is advantageous for any city.

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Andrew D'Armond

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